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Re: Super Hero Movies - a rant
« on: August 12, 2015, 05:55:50 pm »
It's nuts.

A HUGE red flag is that they made the movie "for the wrong reasons."  Has there ever been a Fantastic Four movie that was made because the studio wanted a good Fantastic Four movie?  No.  It's always been about protecting the rights.  It's why they're making a sequel!  Yes, Fant4stic is getting a sequel.  And I'm sure the actors are locked in for another one, though I'm sure NO ONE wants to go back and do another one.  Maybe the new creative side can find a way to salvage it.  Maybe not.

Collider talks about this, I watched this a few days ago, most telling bit at the five minute mark:

I will say that Fant4stic is one of the many recent cr*p films (alongside Pixels and Vacation) that I think will provide really interesting notes.

The stuff about Doug Liman, that dude is notorious for the way he makes movies, he just films until the money runs out, then raises more money, films more, etc, there are SEVERAL wrap parties on each of his films... plus he keeps recasting parts, adding stuff in and cutting stuff out.  I kept hearing that Fant4stic feels like it's missing a reel, and I had that EXACT reaction to Mr & Mrs Smith, because that movie just abruptly ends, plus there's all these set-ups that are just forgotten about.


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