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Re: What Toys Do You Collect?
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:02:39 pm »
I had to get rid of so many toys moving all over the place when I was a kid (I still have my Fugitoid!) that now, I only buy the stuff that REALLY catches my eye and my heartstrings, and I refuse to let go.  I have this big blue robot from 1998 that I got when it came out, I love that thing.  I have a couple Enterprises (though no Enterprise-D, and that was the one I grew up with).

I've got the Kamen Rider W Cyclone/Joker SIC figurine because I f'in loved that show, the design, the characters, all of it.  I wanted a piece of it.  It's still in the box in a bag because I have no place to show it off (and my god, there are SO many parts).  I've always wanted an SIC figure because they look amazing (I'm sure they'll have a display booth at SDCC, they have before, hyper-detailed figure/statues of bugs that look like old apples).  And I've got the current Yellow Ranger hanging out in my Cyberdyne mug b/c I love the design of the costume, the japanese character, the american character, and the actress who plays her (though the series is so BAD).  Quadruple whammy.  10 bucks well spent.

The thing is, now, I put my own spin on everything I see, so the toys would only make sense to me with attachments or other figures that don't exist.  I guess the next step is to make what's in my head a thing so that toys will be made OF them.

Oh, and Chip, there's gonna be awesome stuff at Comic Con.  Mondo is doing toys.  MONDO.  Is doing TOYS.  Including The Iron god-d*mn Giant!


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