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Re: 666 Park Ave. (Season 1 - 2012)
« Reply #30 on: June 26, 2013, 06:03:51 am »
The Comfort of Death

Yup, ABC actually stuck to their word and aired the first of the last four episodes they promised viewers. But the show itself is cancelled. There is no 're-launching' the series in the hopes that it catches on. As for the episode itself..... kind of took a few minutes before I could get back into it. I had to searched my brain to remember some of the smaller things that were set up earlier. After that, it was like putting on well-worn shoes and everything started to click again. As soon as Lou opened her mouth to Lex, I knew right away she was going to reveal that she had 'hit someone with her car'. What Lou doesn't know is that Lex was that 'someone' that left her crippled, which of course led her to Gavin, which of course led to her making a deal with the Devil which would allow her to walk. Nice twist.

The ending was interesting, but a bit confusing. So Jane 'free's' that girl trapped in the mirror, releasing her from the Drake once and for all and now is able to move onto the other side. But with the mirror tampered with, it releases something else.....Black Oil. And then Jane wakes up from her dream. So, she was dreaming freeing the girl....and oil, yet we cut to a shot of the black oil leading to the 117 year old man in bed, who now has rejuvenated to a Thirty-Something year old man. I really hope that ABC did a day or two of re-shoots to wrap this series up during its extended hiatus.
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