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Re: 90210 (Season 4)
« on: September 28, 2011, 12:40:24 pm »
Yeah, I think that it was fairly obvious as well that Annie was being duped by the family, but I actually thought it was going to go a different way.  I thought that he would see that she was sincere with her friendship with the suicide lady that they would let her have the money.  But I guess that would be too easy.  Having her become an escort sounds much better.  Let's get Annie out of those frumpy clothes, please!

I still don't see why anyone is Naomi's friend, but no doubt she has a smoking body.  Ivy has become a giant wet blanket, and I am tired of seeing her on screen.  Dixon is not more interesting as a drug addict, and in fact, he will likely be whiny at some point about it too.  At least Silver has some better hair this season (just long enough to make it better), and her character has been more interesting.  Probably not for dugpa who wants her crazy, but I think she is all right.  Still wondering why they have to squeeze her, Navid, and the annoying sister in that tiny shack, when Kelly has a big house in the same yard.  Just put her over there with Kelly.  She can even help babysit.

Navid just needs to realize that the Sharazi name is known for being sleazy law breakers.  He needs to stop whining and become the next crime lord of Beverly Hills.  Liam seems to have sorted things out and will become a baby daddy, even though it's not his.  No annoying sister in episode 3, phew, and no Austin.  Annie appears to be the dumped on person yet again.  But hey, she killed someone, so she gets what she deserves.


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