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Re: 90210 (Season 4)
« Reply #15 on: October 09, 2011, 12:43:28 am »
Let The Games Begin

Hubba, hubba!

If the writers of the show can keep coming up with more creative ways to get Naomi into her underwear, I may just forgive them entirely for creating Dixon. Tell me that 2nd pic isn't worth let bygones be bygones?! I gave this episode a generous rating in large part because of Naomi and Holly tearing it up in bikini's. As for the rest of the episode, it was okay, with the biggest twist coming at the end regarding Liam's new "girlfriend's" husband Jim seemingly coming back from the dead. Not sure what's going on here, unless they were out for the insurance money from the start. But why they are targeting Liam is still a mystery to me, given that he was doing the honorable thing in taking care of his "widowed" wife.

Well, we can all see where the next Naomi storyline will come from. She sleeps with Austin, and then she falls back into the arms of Max and then it will be discovered that she is pregnant....for real this time. Then Naomi will lead Max into believing it's his and carry that lie for a good long while. Max will be a standup guy and decide that they should get married because they are about to have a baby together. Naomi will of course agrees to this and somewhere along the way they both will elope and on their wedding day, just as Max is about to say "I do", she will come clean and tell him it's Austin's baby. Or something like that.

Annie is literally a heartbeat away from turning her first trick and I'm not talking about Magic either.
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