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Re: 90210 (Season 4)
« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2011, 09:16:31 pm »
Party Politics

This was a really weird, even dumb episode. Not because of any of the characters or the actors, but because of the writing. I really don't think any of the writers on the show have a clue in how to set up, pace and conclude story arcs. Case in point....

1. Right when they set up the whole Laim and the "Widow" arc, they have Jim pop up. Punches are thrown and then they make up all is well. This was started and wrapped up in 3 episodes. What was the point of this? They had their own "Fatal Attraction" arc set up nicely and then.....

2. They reintroduce Teddy and his Barcelona love interest in the form of Shane right from the start of this episode and the writers expect us to care that Teddy has thrown down the gauntlet of Family over Lover and that it's gonna mean anything to us? We (I) could care less that they are kept apart because we never saw any of their past history together. There is no connection. That's lazy writing on their part if they can't even be bothered to set up the past for those that watch the show.

3. No Politician is ever going to attend a Strip The Vote benefit, no matter how desperate they are for votes. Something like this would sink a political career pretty fast, especially when News camera's catch it all on tape and then spin the story however they see fit.

4. Dixon is "blowin' up". Yeah, right. I'm buying that. Not.

The writers on this show have consistently been bad. Is there even a show runner that bothers to even plot this stuff out longer than a couple of episodes? Overall this was a pretty weak episode.
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