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Re: Alcatraz (Season 1)
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2012, 07:16:16 am »
Clarence Montgomery

An innocent man sent to Alcatraz becomes a brainwashed killer due to top secret experiments being done on the inmates. That's not entirely original. But the thing I found most interesting is that apparently the same people conducting the experiments were also doing specialized blood transfusion from none other than Tommy Madsen, grandfather to Detective Rebecca Madsen. So, does that mean Tommy had some sort of anti-aging DNA within him and they were pumping all the inmates with the same blood and that there is no "Time Traveling" aspect to what is going on with all the prisoners now?

If this holds true, then what I see happening is that all the inmates have the blood, were transferred to the new pristine Alcatraz, were comatose for whatever reason, woke up and somehow they all escaped...or where let out and now Hauser is having to hunt them all down and return them to their cages. Also, if Tommy does in fact have this miracle DNA, then that also means Rebecca has it too, which will eventually make her a target by...........

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