Author Topic: Breaking Bad (Season 5 - The Final Eight Episodes - 2013)  (Read 1862 times)

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Re: Breaking Bad (Season 5 - Second Half - 2013)
« on: September 03, 2013, 08:23:34 am »

Man, this is some great writing all around. On the surface, you would think that nothing much happens in this one, but that is totally wrong. This episode is all about self preservation and it comes from the two most unlikeliest characters on the show. First, you have Skyler who has wanted nothing more than to see the demise of Walt so that she could reclaim her life for herself and her two kids. But as soon as Hank and her sister Marie come at her, trying to take her child away, that just forges a new bond with Walt to stand by his side. I kinda saw this coming, but it was great to see anyway. The other one that is now in self preservation mode is Hank of all people. He can't and won't tip off the DEA about what he knows because it will be the end of his career in law enforcement. It was also fascinating to see Marie turn on her sister so quickly and she has every right to be p*ssed off for being lied to and manipulated all this time.

Great cliffhanger...again. I can't wait to see what Hank has in storage for Jesse (Aaron Paul) and how this interrogation is going to play out. Will Jesse's guilt finally get him to cooperate with Hank and flip on Walt? Or is the guilt so powerful that he has mentally shutdown and a deal of any kind is not going to alleviate him of his anguish. Fantastic episode. Still a trip to see Jesse Plemons on Breaking Bad. I'm so use to him being Landry still.
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