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Re: Breaking Bad (Season 5 - The Final Eight Episodes - 2013)
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:08:01 am »

Wow. I knew that there was no 'out' for Hank. There was no legitimate reason that the bad guys would ever let him walk. Prior to watching this episode, I kinda figured that with Hank and Gomie being the only ones that knew about Walt's dealings in meth that with their demise, his secret would be safe (even if Marie knows about it as well). I thought this was where the writers were taking the story. Well, it didn't quite play out that way. It played out exactly the way it should have.....a showdown between Walt and Sklyer and a knife. How far down the rabbit hole has Walt gone? The scene with Walt and Skler rolling around the floor with knife in hand is the last thing that Walt would have thought would happen. His whole Meth Empire was based on providing and taking care of his family and now here he is.....trying to kill his he is....getting choked by his son Flynn, calling the cops on him. Here he is kidnapping his own baby daughter Holly. The last thing he ever thought about when starting all this.

Walt does have one trick left up his sleeve and that is to save Skyler and admit that he 'force, terrorized and threathen' to kill her about his empire. She can now have a life because the cops will buy this and won't pursue her beyond this. I think. Not much of Jesse in this one other than being kidnapped and being forced to cook one last batch so as to train the other guy to be a better cook himself. Another incredible episode. Just 2 episodes left......  :(
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