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Re: CSI: Vegas (Season 14 - 2013)
« on: October 27, 2013, 04:34:59 pm »
Frame by Frame

I'm still watching CSI, just not reviewing it as I use to. This weeks episode was particularly interesting and really good. It was the 300th episode and this brought back Marg Helgenberger via 'flashback' sequences involving a case that has remained unsolved going back the year 2000, just prior to the show. Special guest star was Jason Preistely. I really enjoyed the story and it was a good twist tying the previous crime scene to that of the current crime scene (same residence). This being the 300th episode made the epilogue all the more sweeter seeing a montage of a lot of scenes from the history of the show and seeing Grissom was awesome.....even if it was just old footage.

Side note:

I thought it was odd that George Eads was missing from the episode and I realized that he was gone from last weeks as well. So, did a little digging to find out that he has been suspended from appearing on the show for the first half of this season due to an argument he had with a show runner about his character. If he doesn't come back, this may be the final straw for the show that has already lost key actors from the series. It's not even close to the same and that's why it was a hoot to see the montage because it was a reminder of what the show use to be.
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