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Re: Fringe (Season 5 - 2012)
« Reply #30 on: August 24, 2013, 08:48:34 pm »
Finally finished the series... I'm actually trying to remember what the heck happened in the other seasons, I remember wide swaths of storyline and lots of gore (hence the "don't eat while watching Fringe" rule) because the fifth season is so different than the others-- no science experiments and so on.  It's actually what I imagine NBC's Revolution being like.  The black market scene actually made me think of what little Dark Angel I saw.

I enjoyed the series (though probably not as much as, say, the war between parallel universes, which was a TV concept *I* had but they beat me to the punch, but they did a much better than I ever could have) but I can't wrap my head around WHY the Observers took over 2015 in the first place... it's my Red Dawn problem all over again.   Why did they come back, what did they have to gain, and what was the point?  And I'm annoyed whenever we see fascist forces in the future and they dress like Nazis from the 1930s.  Especially here when the Observers are based on the 60s, they're VERY Twilight Zone.

Oh, I've gotta call you out, Chip: the Black Blotter sequence isn't Yellow Submarine, it's Monty Python. You heathen.

There was one scene where Windmere jumps to 2609 and we get to see the future (including the floating title translated which I thought was a brilliant touch) and it reminded me of Enterprise and I kept thinking it's SO weird that these guys would have done a brill job with that series (which also had time travelling invaders, parallel universes, experiments and stuff) but they DID Star Trek and it wasn't barely as interesting as this.  I just thought that was weird.

I also thought it was weird that they had full run of their lab with the lights on and loud equipment and it didn't draw any attention after they aged up that one guard.  Hard to believe that.


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