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Re: Guiding Light (1983 - )
« on: September 12, 2012, 06:37:45 am »
Back when I was still in Junior High, my Mom ask me to start recording her Soap's while she was at work and one of them was Guiding Light. For the first month of taping the shows for her, I didn't care too much about what was going storywise. And then it happened. I got sucked into the show, most notably the Lukack/Beth arc as well as the Darcy and the Galahag's. And then there was the whole Tony/Annabelle/Susan Piper/Haunted House storyline. Can't forget about Josh/Reva either. It just snowballed from there. That first month ended up turning into 10 years before I quit the show. But it was the first few years (83-86) that were epic.

I've read a lot of comments and articles over the years to see what other people thought of those years and it's been viewed by many to be the best years ever for the series. After quitting the show, every 5 years or so I would tune in for an episode or two just to see what was going on. It never had the same magic or whatever you want to call it and I'd leave. I did tune in to watch the final episode to see how it would end. I wasn't surprise that Josh and Reva closed it out, as they should have. But as far as the rest of the episode...I was totally lost. Even some familiar faces couldn't make me get into it.

Anyway, I came across bluerose's YouTube Channel and was shocked to see that it had not just some, but a lot of episodes from the best years and it's been a trip to watch these episodes that I have not seen since the day they aired. We are talking almost 30 years time between then and now. I started watching this channel on September 1, 2012 and I'm knocking them out pretty fast.

There are some huge gaps that are missing, episode-wise, so it makes it hard to really do any sort of episode reviews. I will probably see if I can find other YouTube Channels that might have episodes that can fill in the spaces. If they exist, I will for sure do episode reviews like I do with all the other shows on Penny Can.
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