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Re: My So-Called Life (Season 1 - Entire Series)
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2011, 07:52:07 am »
Why Jordan Can't Read

The answer to that question regarding the title of the episode is never really addressed. But it does set up a misunderstanding between Jordan and Angela when he finds and returns a love letter she had written to him on a class field trip to the museum. She wanted to know what he thought about the letter and it dawns on her that he can't read. Later, this leads to their first "real" kiss and everything seemed to be on the upswing for them as a "couple". But what goes up, comes down when he stands her up the following day because he didn't want to meet her parents. I thought the whole exchange between the two of them when she was asking him out on a "date", followed by the aforementioned "meet the parents" request  was spot on. It was awkward, scary and exhilarating, which made the scene all the more better because of it.

So they finally give Danielle (Lisa Wilhoit) something to do other than jumping around and reciting a cheer-leading cheer by having her getting a crush on Brian. It was cute but weird. Why would anyone get a crush on him of all people? He comes off as a stalker with the way he looks at Angela. Some would say it's pining, I say it's something more. And speaking of Brian. I get that he has a major crush on her, but who the hell keeps popping up at someone else's house unannounced and using the "return my book" excuse to start a conversation only to start yelling about whether or not Angela and Jordan are a couple? And to do it with Angela's parents in the house just makes it more unbelievable.
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