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Re: My So-Called Life (Season 1 - Entire Series)
« Reply #30 on: December 02, 2011, 08:39:07 am »
In Dreams Begin Responsibility

Jordan enlist the help of Brian in trying to win over Angela for "cheating" on her. At first Brian is against feeding words to Jordan that could drive Angela further away from him and closer to Jordan. But in a moment of clarity, he realizes that this may be the only time he will ever be able to express his true feelings for her and proceeds to write the be all, end all of love letters, which he gives to Jordan to transcribe into his own handwriting. Sure, enough, once Angela reads the letter, she falls in love with Jordan all over again.

You can imagine how crushed Brian feels inside having to see the two of them together again...because of his words that he put to paper. But it's Rickie, who mistakenly tells her about who wrote it that brings Angela back to Earth, which leads to a very touching, poignant scene between Brian and Angela at the end. In a roundabout way, Angela is able to get Brian to admit that he wrote the letter and instead of being furious, there is a look of implied devotion on her face, that she could actually fall for him. The moment of course is ruined when Jordan comes into the picture and whisked her off in his car. But as she drives off, that look still remains on her face...

That's the cliffhanger. And that's why it's hard to rationalize the cancellation of this series. So many what-ifs about My So-Called Life. It just sucks it had to end on something like this. It also sucks that Claire Danes herself is more or less the reason why it was cancelled because she had made it known that she didn't want to continue on with the show if it came back for Season 2.


Also, Tino reminds me of Buster Bluth in that he is neither seen nor heard.
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