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Re: Nikita (Season 3 - 2012)
« Reply #15 on: March 17, 2013, 02:55:30 pm »

Frickin' awesome episode! There are a bunch of reasons why I loved this episode, but where to start? I guess I will start from the beginning. That's as good a place as any to start from. Having 2 players from Lost show up and sharing scenes together was cool, even if neither shared any scenes together on Lost itself. It was still a trip to see Andrew Divoff and Dylan Minnette together. Who are they? Well Divoff played Mikhail and Minette played David Shephard. But that's another series all together, so lets stay on point here.

Both played a big role in this episode when Ari's Son (Minnette) is the target of Amanda. But standing in her way is Amon Krieg (Divoff), the man that is paid by Ari to protect the boy at any cost. Enter Nikita and Alex who are there to rescue the boy. Of course, Krieg doesn't know that Nikita is working with Ari. He can't trust anyone now. So, what should one do in a situation like this? Take both Nikita and Amanda hostage and threaten to torture both for information. And there's your long-awaited 'Reunion' between Nikita and Amanda. It was fun and we learned that the one that, turned Amanda into a "Monster" was her father. So she says.

Loved the twist at the end. Even I fell for it thinking that Nikita has shown up just in the nick of time to rescue Alex from police custody only to reveal that it was Amanda doing the "rescuing". Can't wait to see what happens next now that Alex is her hostage.
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