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Re: Parenthood (Season 5 - 2013)
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2013, 08:31:03 am »
The M Word

It took all of 5 seconds to figure out what the The M Word was referring to given the fact that I was looking for it. The M Word stands for a bunch of things actually. Marriage. Mayor. Moving. Mini-Van. Overall, I really liked this episode as it felt more like the old show. Best scene of the episode was of course Kristina standing up for herself during the debate and then hijacking it with true sentiment when she spoke from her heart to the mother that asked the question. I hate politicians in general because they are all just like Bob Little, condescending and all about "numbers". That's why seeing Kristina speaking as she did (even if she is just a fictional character) had so much impact. Side-note, why the f*ck can't politicians do just that......speak from the heart? It would go a long way to uniting a divided country.

As for Amber and Sarah reconciling at the end, I think Amber wasn't crying because they mended fences, but in fact she was crying because her and Ryan already eloped (which we don't see, but was hinted at earlier in the episode). How does she break the news and not break her mothers heart at the same time? I think Julia and Joel are heading for splitsville, especially after this episode. Same can be said for Camille and Zeke. I think it would be very ballsy of the show to actually crash and burn not one, but two marriages before the Series Finale. But you and I know that they will save both of them at the 11th hour.
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