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Re: Parenthood (Season 6 - 2014)
« Reply #15 on: February 03, 2015, 05:49:00 pm »
Episode 12 & 13
We Made It Through the Night / May God Bless and Keep You Always

Well, that's it. It's all over. I purposely delayed watching Episode 12 until they had Episode 13 up On Demand. This was actually my intention all season long. The idea of just watching one finale episode and calling it quits wasn't something I wanted. I wanted to make this my own personal Swan Song Event. With the amount of time I've invested in this series and the characters that populate it, I thought it was fitting to end it in this way for me. As for the final 2 episodes, I am extremely satisfied with how it all wrapped up. Some amazing song choices to underscore a lot of scenes as we got through Amber's birth and then Sarah and Hanks wedding. Watching a series like Parenthood, one may lose track of who and what the series is about. So many characters with so many story lines. It was the Series Finale that drove home the point that this show was, is and will always be about Zeek and Camille and watching their brood grow up and make their own mark.

Some very tender moments in the last two hours, especially with Zeek and his kids in one and one situations that got me choked up. It was a fun hour. Everyone was happy. And then they did the one thing I have been dreading all season long. They had Zeek pass away and it was heartbreaking to see, especially with Camille finding him. That got the water works going. I thought they would have the entire family make it to he end, which is what I always wanted. With this coming within the final 5 minutes of the last episode, I was also very angry. I didn't want it to end on such a downer. But the brillance of Jason Katims came through once again. The epilogue of where the rest of the family was in the coming years made softened the blow. It was the only way to end it because it stayed true to real life as well as paying tribute to a job well done by both Zeek and  Camille in raising their kids. Following everyone over the years, you got to see that each family was expanding with the addition of more kids. With that said, I still think they should have kept Zeek alive to the very end.

One last thing, I liked that they had Scott Porter as Amber's husband during the epilogue. It was fitting that they also had Matt Lauria in the same scene. Two Friday Night Lights alums for the finale time. Anyway, loved the series and in hindsight, I'm glad they brought it back for this one last season. Hate to see it go, I'm gonna miss the Bravermans. I'm looking forward to the eventual DVD Box Set, which I will gladly fork over money for.
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