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Re: Parenthood (Season 6 - 2014)
« on: October 31, 2014, 10:35:42 am »
Episode 6
Too Big to Fail

Wow, they just jumped 3 months forward into the future of the series. This obviously has a lot to do with the limited number of episodes left and can't wrap everything up, especially Amber's pregnancy if they didn't do a time jump. Just odd to see because they have never done that until now. Given that Amber is now 3 months pregnant and only 7 episodes left, I expect another time jump as well. The whole situation with Dylan has always seemed a bit odd and now it all makes perfect sense. She only "liked" Max in order to gain access to his family because she has a "bad" relationship with her own and basically "adopted" the Braverman's as her surrogate family. With that said, I do see Dylan and Max sharing that first kiss before the series wraps and her actually falling for him. They have to give Max a great send off because it's gonna leave a bitter taste if they teased this all season long with no pay off.

The other half of the episode dealt primarily with money issues. Both Crosby and Adam are feeling the squeeze because the Luncheonette is not bringing in the business it once did and it's affecting their personality because they can't provide for their respective families. Factor in that Amber is prego and wants a raise (which she actuall deserves by the way) and you have a recipe for a panic attack all around. The one thing I really liked is that Drew, of all people, is willing to change his major in College to better his chances of getting a better paying job immediately once he is out of school, just so that he can support Amber and her child. Overall, a fantastic episode.

FYI, Sarah gets major props in her efforts to make Hank more relatable to his daughter Ruby by forcing him to watch The Breakfast Club.  ;D Love it!
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