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Re: Ringer (Season 1)
« Reply #45 on: April 25, 2012, 09:06:25 am »
I'm The Good Twin

I didn't even realize this was the Season Finale at first. I thought there was one more episode left, but as the episode played on, it felt very much like the last one with all the reveals coming at the end. And then when Bodaway gets his head blown off, I knew it was in fact the last episode. But first things first, I thought the entire episode was awesome and the ride to the end was well worth it. I particularly liked how Bridget was forced to come clean about who she was because Andrew found out "she" was having an affair with Henry. It was all out there now. No other choice but to lay it out there and hope for the best and that Andrew and Violet could get past this.


I really liked how they tied Bodaway, Siobhan and Bridget into the last scene were everything comes to a head and it didn't feel forced or manufactured at all. It was a natural and believable setup and conclusion that they would all end up in the same room together. Now back to Bodaway. I loved his reaction when he discovered that Siobhan wasn't Bridget at all. I knew that when Bodaway got shot and dropped to the ground, that he would pop back up and attack Bridget one last time. What I didn't expect to see was how he got his head blown off. It was a nice way for him to go giving all the  s h i t  that he put Bridget through.

I really want to see this continue and they set up the perfect cliffhanger for this to happen. Having Henry confirm to Bridget that Siobhan is still alive and was actually plotting Bridget's death is a great jumping off point for Season 2. But having checked the ratings, it's not promising at all. The ratings are horrible. Not sure what the cancellation cutoff mark is for CW shows, but I'm not gonna hold my breath on this one coming back. I can only hope that it does. It would be  s h i t t y  if Ringer doesn't come back for another season. I really enjoyed this season. I would give...

Season 1
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