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Re: The Finder (Season 1)
« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2012, 08:58:27 am »
The Boy With The Bucket

What a horrible way to end the series. I'm so  f u c k i n g   p i s s e d  right now and I blame FOX for cancelling a great show. I hold them responsible for not giving the creators of the show enough time to come up with a satisfying or at least plausible way to end the series. But to just leave it on a major cliffhanger like that is unforgivable. I put this right up there with the Las Vegas Series Finale fiasco. Ugh. I am  p i s s e d !

As for the episode itself, it was a solid episode (minus the ending) that introduced Walter's brother to the series, who also happens to be his brother in real life. Twins....or damn close to it. The reunion with their mother, played by Annette O'Toole was very touching and I though that's where it would end. But then they show us a dark side of Walter in the way he kills three Cult minions who are trying to take back his mother. It was like watching Jason Bourne. It was awesome. This just opened up a whole new side to him that could have been explored for seasons to come.

The scene with his father was heartbreaking. If you don't get choked up watching that, you are not human. Very sad. I liked the episode, the characters and the series. I just hope that another Network can step in and save it, much like TBS did with Cougar Town. If not, hopefully they can give us a wrap up episode on Bones, since it's a spin off from that series.
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