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Re: The Office (Season 9 - 2012)
« Reply #45 on: November 20, 2013, 03:49:48 pm »
So I watched the last season and here's what I think:

For the new guys, adding Clark Duke to the show seems like a bit of a no-brainer.  I rather liked the episode where he and Dwight pretended to be father and son.  Considering the ending that Dwight has, it made perfect sense to give him a Dwight Jr in Clark.

I love that they started to show the cracks in the fourth wall... maybe it was seeing all the episodes at once that made me feel this way, but it felt like maybe they did it a little too much, but I liked seeing them put their mikes on and chatting a little to their documentarians.  And the ending where Pam is just broken up and talks to the sound guy, and he talks back... whoa.  I was genuinely surprised at that moment.  That was an honest to god "Holy sh*t" ending and I love those.  I do think maybe they milked that a bit too much in the next few episodes, with this whole idea that maybe Pam is in love with him or him with her, and I think that the part where he defends her in the mural episode suffered because of that, because they kept us aware of him.  Does that make sense?

I did rather like the episode where they all started getting paranoid about what might actually be ON the documentary, and it created this great problem of "how do you do an episode with people trying to hide from the cameras?"  That sort of playing with the "reality" of their world usually comes off as hokey and a bit of a last resort, but it works here because it's really the only threat left for them: the company's been at the brink and bought and sold and everything else, this was the last thing that could really resonate with them, and something that they were genuinely unprepared for.

I also loved Michael returning.  And I'm also glad I didn't know about it.  And I'm quite glad he got a happy ending.


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