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Re: The Playboy Club (Season 1)
« on: September 27, 2011, 11:06:17 am »
The Scarlet Bunny

That  Bunny Maureen (Amber Heard)  has got to be the dumbest person ever created for a show. Last week, while dumping the body into the river, she loses the Playboy Club Key at the site. The same key that belongs to the Mob Boss. Of course someone else finds the key and then uses it to get into the exclusive club, posing as the owner of the key. Somehow she is able to get the key back, which is vital because each key is assigned to registered members. So, it seems that she has averted disaster right?

Wrong. The House Den Mother finds her other Bunny costume covered in blood....under her bed. Sheesh. Yes, that's the perfect hiding spot, especially when you are sharing a room full of bunnies. Somehow, she is able to talk her way out and explain the blood as being her own. So, do you think she has finally learned her lesson and will tie up loose ends that could tie her to the disappearance of the Mob Boss?

No. At the end of the episode, she finds the Playboy Club Key in her bathroom drawer where she left it. Why is she leaving it in there? A bathroom she shares with a bunch of other bunnies that could come across it? So, does she FINALLY get rid of the "smoking gun"? No. She hides it in a jar of vanishing cream. Ugh.

Still a pretty entertaining episode in spite of this.
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