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Re: Warehouse 13 (Season 4 - 2012)
« on: July 30, 2012, 07:26:16 am »
A New Hope

It's been a long hiatus over the summer and I completely forgot that the Season Finale to last season ended on the Warehouse literally being blown up. All gone. As soon as I remembered, I knew that their would be some kind of "rewind" device that would pretty much erase the Finale and all would be right again. The interesting bent on the aftermath of the destruction is that the entire world falls into a tailspin, leading to financial collapse, riots and looting as humanity loses all hope. So, it was just a question of finding the piece(s) that would rewind time.

But with anything that can do good, it's also bound to have some sinister attached to it. The consequences of using the device is that Artie will unleash an "evil" that will live with him for the rest of his days. It's implied at the end that the "evil" is Claudia and we apparently see his death by her hands as she stabs him. Very predictable, but still fun.
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