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Re: Arrow (Season 2 - 2013)
« Reply #45 on: May 17, 2014, 06:13:58 pm »

The SHOWDOWN that we have literally been waiting for the past 2 seasons FINALLY happens as Arrow and Deathstroke go one on one. We don't just get one Showdown....we get TWO! Both the current story line and the flashback story line converge together. The juxtaposition of both was a great way to play them both out. In the flashback sequence, we finally get to see Oliver taking out Slade's eye and in the current story line, we get to see if Oliver will become the murderer that Slade has gambled everything on. He failed of course. I just love where Slade eventually ends up at after being caught and taken down. To have it revealed that Slade now resides in ARGUS' Maximum Prison is one thing, but to have said Prison literally on the very same Island that he and Oliver spent 5 years trying to get off was.....perfect.

What's also made this a stand out episode is that they tease us of what's to come next season as we see the start of a story line that will track Oliver and Amanda's back story in Hong Kong. I can't wait for Season 3 to roll out. Overall, the episode, as great as it was, did come in a bit under the previous episode. But I still enjoyed seeing how they wrote Sara's character off as she rejoins the League of Assassins. I like how they set up Thea's future by doing the 'Unthinkable' of joining forces with her father Merlin, this coming after she actually shot him with the intention of killing him. The cliffhanger with Laurel's father collapsing and bleeding out wasn't what I saw coming. So, I hope they have something good in store for that one. And finally, the "relationship" between Oliver and Felicity ratchet's up a few notches, but I do think the writers are going to try and keep them from getting together any time soon so as not to f*ck with the sexual tension that has been driving the series thus far. One downside was of course killing off Isabel in such a lame way. That of course means the end to Summer Glau's run on the show. Sigh.

As for the entire season this year, it has been a great ride. Now bring on Season 3!!!!
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