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Re: Arrow (Season 3 - 2014)
« Reply #30 on: February 18, 2015, 09:33:48 pm »
Episode 14
The Return

I loved how they basically flipped the story telling for this one. Up until now, the plot device has always been Ollie in current day with him in Starling City with the flashbacks being either on The Island or in Hong Kong. But with Ollie and Thea in current day heading back to the Island, it gave the flashback a nice little twist, offering Ollie the chance to return to Starling City back where everyone was still under the impression that he was long dead. This gave Ollie a bird's eye view of what their life was like from the shadows and it was cool because it allowed the writers the chance to bring back a few characters such as Tommy Merlyn and Robert Queen. It also gave us the first time Ollie laid eyes on Felicity, who was flirting with a picture of Ollie. Creepy given that she knows he's "dead". But it was funny none the less. Another cool thing was seeing Ollie lurking about wearing a sweater hoodie that just happened to be green. Ha, kinda like a beta test tryout of the hero he would eventually become.

As for the current day story line on the Island, it was a great opportunity to bring back Slade Wilson and even better was having Malcolm Merlyn setting him free from ARGUS prison as some sort of demented "training" exercise for Ollie and Thea. Yeah, like that's gonna sit well with them. Well, the cat is out of the bag now that Thea knows she was the one that killed Sara. It's gonna be interesting to see how she handles this in future episodes. As for Slade, I know it was going to be a one and done cameo and that he would end up back in ARGUS. Was really hoping that he would escape the Island for good so that he could come back and wreak havoc down the road. Solid episode.
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