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Re: Bates Motel (Season 3 - 2015)
« on: April 26, 2017, 07:19:16 pm »
Season 5 Episode 10
The Cord
(Series Finale)

Yes, I'm posting my thoughts of the Series Finale in this thread given the fact that I never made a thread for Season 4 or Season 5. And yes, even though there was not thread for those two seasons, I still watched every single episode. As for Season 4, it was pretty f*cking dark...even by Bates Motel Standards, it creeped me the f*ck out. It was so unnerving that I actually considered quitting the show because it was making me uncomfortable knowing there are people like Norman out there. Season 5 was more of the same in the creep factor. This season would finally meet up with the events of Psycho (The Film). We would finally get Marion Crane and the infamous Shower Scene. Rihanna was surprisingly good in the role of Marion. Wasn't expecting much and she did a great job. As for the Shower Scene, I kinda knew the show would go down a different path given the bond/friendship that Norman had cultivated with Marion. So, instead of Marion getting skewered, it was a cheating husband. Definitely a douche and in the scheme of things within the show, he kinda had it coming.

As for the Series Finale, it ended exactly as I knew it would end. This is a Carlton Cuse series, and if you know him, you know that he was the brains behind Lost. It was obvious that Romero was never going to be the one to kill Norman, in spite of being supremely driven to do so. I gotta say that his own demise was purely his own fault and just stupid. Who the f*ck turns their back on a serial killer and completely forgets he is there. Not shock when he took a huge rock to the head. As for Norman's own demise, I knew it had to be Dylan and I think it was a fitting end to a great show. Very well written and acted by all involved. The afterlife (a nod to Lost) was a nice touch to reunite both Norman and Norma as they were always meant to be.
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