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Re: Better Call Saul (Season 1 - 2015)
« Reply #90 on: March 19, 2015, 08:41:57 am »
Episode 7

One of the biggest mysteries about Jimmy/Saul was whether he was ever a "legitimate" lawyer. Well, it's safe to say we finally get our answer in the exceptional Bingo episode. We already know that Jimmy is a good lawyer, but did he ever get the chance to show the rest of the world just how good he is? He checks out floor space for his new Office with a view to kill for and he is going big now that his Elderly Law practice is taking off. But that's as far as he gets before his house of cards comes tumbling down. I looked at this tragic outcome of his akin to that of a Baseball player in the minors getting called up to the Big Leagues and before he can even dress for opening day, he gets cut from the team, never to return and having to slum it for the rest of his career in AAA. Very sad.

What's really tragic is that by Jimmy "doing the right thing" in returning his "retainers fee" that the Kettleman's gave him, is that he gets punish for it because it ends his dream of the big leagues and  it set in motion for his own downfall. This was a fascinating episode to watch, especially the implication of his good deed. Had Jimmy kept the money (which would have been the one "bad" thing), he would have gotten his office space and had a legitimate practice where he could do some really good things for the rest of his life. But choosing to do the good thing in turning over the money, it forces him into eventual survival mode where all he will end up doing are bad things in as seen in Breaking Bad. It's a great Catch-22 moment. Loved it. I also loved that at the beginning of the episode, Mike terminates Jimmy as his lawyer and they go their separate ways. We don't have to wait long before we see how their "partnership" truly begins.

Seeing Mike surveilling the Kettleman's to find the stolen money at the behest of Jimmy to pay off his debt was great. We finally get to see Mike doing his 'Fixer' thing that he does so well and we see just how good at it he really is. This goes to show that Mike and Jimmy are in fact two peas in a pod in spite of them being at odds with each other all the time. The Kettleman story-line has been great so far, but I think this is the last we will be seeing them given how it ended with them returning to the 'Big' Law Firm. I'm really digging the scenes between Jimmy and Kim. Rhea Seehorn is great in the role and it's clear that she and Bob have great chemistry together, which gives their understated attraction to each other more sizzle. Better Call Saul is the best TV Series on the air right now. If you guys aren't watching this, you are depriving yourself a remarkable show.
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