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Re: Better Call Saul (Season 1 - 2015)
« Reply #90 on: April 07, 2015, 01:16:21 am »
Episode 10

For a week, actually, for the entire duration of this season, I have been trying to guess what the Season Finale could be. What could be the monumental scene to hold us over until Season 2 returns. Many things came to mind. Would we see the return of Tuco? Would we see another Breaking Bad alum in the form of Gus Fring? Jesse Pinkman? Badger? Skinny Pete? I've had 9 weeks to come up with something and I played with many different scenarios. It was none of that and I let my imagination get away from me and I kinda lost sight of what this season has been all about: How Jimmy turns into Saul.With Jimmy reeling from the confirmation that his brothers thinks very little of him, it sends him on sort of a 'bender' where he goes back to Chicago and finds his old partner in crime: Marco.

He was seen in the first episode where we see them working their cons for some quick cash. It's more of the same for the duration of this episode. He is 'slippin' back into his old ways, but it's not the same as before because he has changed. He has affected many lives back home, the ones he was to represent in court. This snaps him back to reality and makes the choice to return to doing what he set out to do, regardless of his brother's opinion. Hell, Jimmy even gets another sweet deal sent his way that could prove once and for all that he is in fact a great lawyer. Everything is lined up. He's front of the Court, ready to go to work when he has a epiphany, that nothing he does is ever going to change his brother's or anyone else's mind about him. He makes his choice and that of course is to look out for himself. Thus Saul (if not in name, but in spirit) is born. I thought this was a great episode and I really liked the bond between him and Marco. Very sad to see how it ended for him though. I like that there wasn't any big guest stars for the Season Finale. It would be better served in Season 2 when things really start rolling, which I expect to see a few BB alums appearing, especially Gus. One thing I hope to see next season is an increase in episodes. Give me 12-15 episodes per season and I'll be a happy camper.
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