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Re: Better Call Saul (Season 2 - 2016)
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:39:10 pm »
Episode 8

The opening one long tracking shot was f*cking phenomenal. Watching the scene unfold in the way it did was vintage Breaking Bad. It gave me goosebumps. Even crazier is that none of the principal players were involved at all. It was just a trucker driving through a Border checkpoint, getting pulled out of the lineup, having said truck inspected for contraband and sent on his merry way. But the way it was shot and the way everyone hit their marks made this 5 minute scene the most "Breaking Bad" episode thus far in Better Call Saul. With that said, I actually got a little bit worried that Vince Gilligan was maybe ramping this up a bit too fast because we are now getting a full-on Mike and Hector Salamanca story line. My concerns were that this story would overshadow Jimmy's story. I misspoke too soon because by the end of the episode, it was still all about watching Jimmy getting closer and closer to turning into Saul, especially after he purposely (and rightfully) sabotaged Chucks's file regarding Mesa Verde after stealing the account from Kim. But yeah, awesome episode all around. That makeshift garden hose with nails that Mike was making at the end tells me he is going to use it as a spike strip on the Trucker/Truck as seen at the start of the episode to somehow get inside and see exactly what Hector is smuggling. We haven't seen anything yet, but clearly Mike is the one that gave Gus Fring the idea of smuggling stuff inside the food that happens in Breaking Bad. I just always assumed it was Gus' idea from the start.
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