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Re: Better Call Saul (Season 2 - 2016)
« on: April 19, 2016, 11:56:26 am »
Episode 10

Klick was a great Season Finale and one that I was very very happy with. I'm sure there will be people complaining how too much time was devoted to Chuck and Jimmy in the hospital. I for one wanted more because their dynamic with each other revealed a lot more than what has been hinted at up to now. At the end of the day, I think the fact that their mother's last words were Jimmy and this has never sat well with Chuck and explains his animosity toward Jimmy. The final scene between them was fantastic. Even though I saw the swerve coming a mile away, it was still something to see. The Tape Recorder was just the cherry on top that will lead us into next season. I'm sure this will be 'blackmail' for Chuck to hold over Jimmy's head and I wouldn't put it past Chuck to throw Kim under the bus to make him do whatever he wants him to do. The other half of the episode dealt with Mike. I was 100% positive that Mike would pull the trigger and be responsible for putting Hector in the wheelchair we see him in in Breaking Bad. Even though it was implied in BB that it was Gus who put him there, I always figured it was Mike that did the dirty work. Well, it was all for naught because that moment never happens. When Mike sees the note on his car that reads 'DON'T', immediately people would start trying to figure out who put that note there. The obvious choice would be to say that it's Gus Fring. I can't buy into the idea that he would go out there and actually place that note on the windshield. My money is on Tyrus (Ray Campbell) who does all the dirty work that Gus would never do personally.

Talking Saul was also great. I really wish that this show would follow each episode because every episode has been stellar and deserves to be talked about. The Easter Egg that Vince Gilligan mentions about Season 2 blew my mind. When I heard about it, I actually had to go and check it out for myself. I have no idea how anyone would even think to look at Episode Titles and decode it. Season 2 Episodes are below. That's all the information you get.

1. Switch
2. Cobbler
3. Amarillo
4. Gloves Off
5. Rebecca
6. Bali Ha'i
7. Inflatable
8. Fifi
9. Nailed
10. Klick

The answer below....

Spoiler (hover to show)
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