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Re: Better Call Saul (Season 3 - 2017)
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2017, 08:24:40 am »
Episode 10

What a fantastic Season Finale that gives us a few big moments to chew on as we wait for Season 4 to arrive (Ugh, that's such a long way off!!!!!). Where to start? Watching Jimmy morph into Saul to give himself up and what he did to lovable Irene Landry so that she could get her friends back at the expense of being hated just makes you want to root for Jimmy to get his sh*t together. It was a great scene all around. Next thing to digest would be Kim shirking her duties as a Lawyer so that she can binge watch movies from Blockbuster was an interesting turn. The fact that they featured Blockbuster so prominently had me geeking out and longing for those days of being in that store getting my movies. Next up.....Gus Vs Hector. When Gus showed up unannounced to the meeting with Salamanca, I knew immediately this was the scene we have all been waiting for. I knew he was going to stoke out. What I didn't see coming was Gus leaping to his aide to administer CPR to save his life. But it makes perfect sense in that he and only he will dictate when he meets his maker. The final thing to talk about is of course Chuck and the ambiguous way it was left up in the air. So, is he or isn't he? I sure hope he comes back next season. He may be a dick, but he is such a great character to watch. Don't want to see him go. If he doesn't, will this be the tipping point that pushes Jimmy into Saul permanently? Sure, he will be crushed, but I still believe its Kim that will be the one that finally does. The other side of that equation would be that yes, the loss of Chuck does push Jimmy to the edge and completely embraces Saul to the point of breaking Kim who doesn't like what he has become and in turn has enough and leaves him. I rather she walk away instead of getting rid of her in other way. Bring on Season 4 already!!!!!!!!!!
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