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Re: Catfish: The TV Show (2012 - )
« on: May 07, 2014, 11:26:17 pm »
Season 3 / Episode 1. Just caught the season premiere of Season 3 tonight and it was f*cked up! Same set up as every other episode, but this one seemed to go a bit deeper. You have Craig that falls in love with some chick via Facebook. They chat online and have phone conversations for over a year and a half. Of course he wanted to meet in person, and she always had an excuse (family emergency) to negate it. I can see why anyone would fall for the girl Zoe based on her pictures on Facebook. Wow. Gorgeous. Naturally this isn't going to have a happy ending. Fastfoward to the camera crew ambushing "Zoe" at her house unannounced (a first for the show). Not trying to be mean here, but she was anything but gorgeous. She was a whale. I can only imagine the rage that Craig was dealing with in that moment because her flippant, cavalier attitude about it all was p*ssing me off royally.

Watching the Live After Show right now called Chatfishing with everyone involved which includes Craig, his sister and two of their own friends who's relationship was destroyed by Zoe / Cassandra, who herself is on the After Show as well. It is the most awkward Q&A session I've seen. She is not well read. She can't put two words together and isn't making any sense at all. The term dumb comes to mind. As I said, a f*cked up situation all around. All I want to know is who is the chick on Facebook that Cassandra claimed as her.
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