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Re: Fall 2011 Shows
« on: May 14, 2014, 05:59:14 am »
My first impressions…

Two and Half Men –

Tonight was the season premiere with Ashton Kutcher minus Charlie Sheen. I think the anticipation was high for last night’s show, thus the high pressure for this to carry torch of good comedy. I think it did a very respectable job. I laughed out loud several times and enjoyed how the show unfolded, first with the killing off (funeral) of Charlie and then the introduction of Walden (Kutcher).

I think the most striking thing last night was realizing how each character is very funny in their own right. Minus Charlie your attention is on Alan, Jake, Rose, Judith and Berta. The core director, producers and writers have not changed, so I suspect I can count on continued excellent writing. The new variable is the direction it will now go. I’m optimistic. I'll continue to watch.

I have not been watching much of regular network TV for awhile. MY wife pulls up shows On Demand and that's pretty much the way I catch up with the shows.

Two and Half Men I apparently have dropped out quit a long time, because watching it last night, had characters and situations I was not aware of.

Bottom at the core of this post, the show sucked majorly. I thought every joke was forced. Not funny jokes and it just seemed odd all around. Clearly different writers. But the physical comedy struck me the most. I think the cast is calling it in now. Show up for a paycheck.

Now mind you, this is on just one show. Maybe they don't all suck, but I was thinking if I sat down for the first time to watch this, I would without a doubt say never again.
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