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Re: Heroes Reborn: 2015
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:29:02 pm »

This could actually go in the What the f*ck thread. Seriously, why are they digging this relic up? Heroes is at the top of my list of biggest fail...biggest disappointment for any TV series I have ever watched. It's amazing how 'hot' this series was and how good Season 1 was. Well, all the way up to the Season Finale and talk about dropping the ball. Biggest letdown ever was the "cliffhanger". How did a once promising show tank so fast? How was it possible that with each of the next 3 seasons, the series got worse?

I stuck with it out of not having anything else to watch and secretly hoping that they could rebound. It never happened and with each new episode, I was eventually hoping someone at NBC would just pull the plug on this. So, I'm really scratching my head why they would bring this back? A lot of people just don't like it and it really doesn't matter if they have a new cast. It's going to be Tim Kring at the helm and I'm pretty sure he is not going to have a clue on how to write and guide this any better this time around. With that said, I like Train Wrecks, so naturally I will tune in for the first episode and see what they have in store.
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