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Re: Heroes Reborn: 2015
« on: September 25, 2015, 06:55:44 am »
Episode 1 & 2
Brave New World / Odessa

You guys know my disdain for what became of Heroes the first time around and you know that I have been resisting the idea of even entertaining the idea of giving Tim Kring another chance given how far the series went off the rails. I went into this Rebooting with very low expectations. As for the actual 2 hour premiere, it was entertaining and kept my interest, a huge improvement over the 4th season before it was cancelled. Now even though I enjoyed the premiere, there are some flaws already creeping in and it was the same flaw that undid it the first time around: TOO MANY NEW CHARACTERS. Shoving all these new characters down our throats is going to test anyone's patience. I understand that Tim wants to set the table here, but come on dude, you have to do a better job of easing us into this new world instead of cramming it all in at once. The other thing that really had me scratching my head was the Asian Chick. So, her "superpower" is that she can transport herself into a video game? Huh? How is this a power that relates to real-world events in the Heroes Reborn reality? Very odd and needs some much needed clarification because this would be something that most people will not get on board with if we are kept in the dark. With that said, I will tune in next week to see what happens next. Zachary Levi's character seems interesting. Not sure what his endgame is going to be with him hunting down EVO's He will probably turn out to be a 'Sleeper EVO' with powers he doesn't know he possess' yet.
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