Author Topic: Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project (Season 1 - 2014)  (Read 128 times)

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The Journey Begins

10 minutes into the episode and I was already hooked. For starters, THIS is how you do a music reality show. None of this bullsh*t pagentry garbage that they truck out there as seen on American Idol or The Voice. This isn't about creating the ultimate poster to hang on bedroom walls. This is about getting something real from each artist and that's what Linda does right off the bat. The episode flew by insanely fast and I realized that she only got around to working with 4 artist out of a much larger group. I don't know their names (yet), but to see Linda pushing them (metaphorically) to dig deeper and seeing the results was truly inspiring.

I loved seeing the Hip Hop artist being forced to freestyle behind music that she would NEVER have done on her own and it was great. Another standout moment comes with 'Boy Band' artist (still don't know their names). It was a standout moment for the wrong reason because I was extremely p*ssed to see him cut himself off at the legs when he stopped "singing". When he was being pushed to just ad lib and find a melody of words and decides that he wants to sing something "that makes sense", I wanted to punch him in his Boy Band face. I get why Linda was p*ssed because I was too. The music was there, the groove was there, the emotion was there......and he thought he was above it all.

If these are the kinds of moments we can look forward to throughout the season, I am so there. This is what I want to see. People getting creative and creating something amazing out of nowhere is a thing of  beauty. This series is probably the one that I will look forward to each and every week. As for the format of the show, it's kind of a cross between Bandcamp meets Rocked with Gina Gershon meets The Real World. By that I mean all the contestants are living under one roof (the Rock Star: INXS mansion btw) as they bond with each other while trying to make an impact on Linda who will sign someone at the end of the season to her record label. I would kill to be on this show just to learn from Linda. No need to rate this because each episode is just going to be a continuation from the last one.
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