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Episode 21 and 22
S.O.S. Part 1 and Part 2

Yeah, I didn't bother writing any reviews for the second half of the season because it was very uneven and at times very boring. I was still actively watching the series but I found myself wondering if I would even bother sticking with the show. The first half of the season was very good and they had a great mid-season finale to hold us over while Agent Carter took center-stage for a couple of months. I think I ended up building up the second half of AOS way too much and when it finally came back, it just felt flat. The last few episodes did hit its stride leading us into S.O.S. Boy, did they go all out! I thought it was fantastic and everyone had their own little part to play in it. For starters, there were some amazing figth sequences throughout the 2 hour Season Finale. Skye's showdown with May was awesome, but it was the fight sequence between Bobbi and Ward that stole the show and set the standard of what one should be like. Brutal knockdown, drag-out fight and executed to perfection. Also brutal was seeing Coulson getting his arm chopped off by Mack. As soon as Coulson's arm was starting to freeze from the virus, I knew the axe was coming down because they spent enough time pointing out that Mack had an axe.

The subplot between Skye and her parents was good, forcing her to pick a side and naturally she would choose SHIELD, which meant that she would have to put down her own mother. I thought it was a great moment for Cal to do the deed to spare Skye the guilt of doing something so tragic. I like that out of this event, Cal was able to get his "happily ever after..." moment with his daughter. His "hulking" moment earlier was a bit too comical, but necessary. The other subplot involving Fitz and Simmons was what we have all been waiting for. I knew something bad was going to happen the moment that Simmons was honest with Fitz about her feelings toward him. I just didn't know who was going to suffer for it once they set up their future date. Having Simmons getting swallowed up by the Alien Blob-thingy sets up Season 3. Not sure if she is dead or not. That's the cliffhanger and I'm definitely tuning in next season to find out what happens next.
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