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Re: Nashville (Season 1 - 2013)
« Reply #15 on: December 12, 2013, 02:13:27 pm »
Tomorrow Never Comes

What the fuuuuuuuck! Two big cliffhangers for this episode came out of nowhere. One kinda made sense and the other doesn't not. The first one involved Will and what looks to be his apparent suicide with him standing on the tracks in front of an oncoming Train. I get that he is super depressed because he has to lie about his sexuality. But still, this wasn't expected. As for the other cliffhanger, it really did feel like it came out of left field because there was no setup. So some guy in a "Security Guard" jacket walks up to Teddy, gun in hand and tries to kill him. There's a struggle, the gun goes off and laying on the ground is his Wife. Now we have to figure out who wants Teddy dead. Who hired the man to take a shot at him? Is it Lamar? Is it Deacon? Those are too obvious and Deacon doesn't fit the profile. So, it's gotta be Lamar. But what does he gain from this?

Anyway, fantastic episode that also had a third "cliffhanger" when Juliette decides to bare her soul to Avery. Well, kinda. Scarlett got in the way at the end before she could say what she wanted to say, but it's clear that she has feelings for Avery and I think Avery feels the same toward her. This is Soap Opera 101 and why I'm enjoying the series.
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