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Re: Parenthood (Season 4 - 2012)
« Reply #60 on: January 23, 2013, 01:38:26 pm »
Huh, interesting you bring that up about the last show… WTF
So I’m trying to place my finger on it, but I find myself less and less interested what’s going on in Parenthood. I’m not sure if it’s because things tend to be too polished and put a ribbon on the various story lines or that I can fairly well predict what will happen next.

Last night’s episode should have been labeled F ucked-up Relationships. Both the obvious relationships and some of the bubbling under relationships. Some relationships turned out well Like Julia and Victor. I still don’t understand what happened there. Julia’s sudden change? Because of that brief moment outside the restaurant with her brother Crosby? While sweet… I think unrealistic. That is definitely a head turner… and then Victor I’m part of the family attitude? I don’t think so. But that was wrapped up nicely, don’t you think. Crosby and Jasmine worked things out nicely… but because of the baby news? Jasmine needs to start being herself and stand tall with Crosby, especially if she feels like he does and not undermine Crosby. Crosby needs to relax. The mom living there with her opinions were not that bad.

Boy Sarah, kicked Mark square in the balls… twice in one minute. Again, I saw all that coming despite it making zero sense. Go with Hank… Wait, Hank has other plans. Join Hank? Ya, right!

Phuck Drew and good riddance… he could not go away fast enough to college. More lameness to anything the boy does including saying goodbye to old flame.

Honestly I don’t know how Adam does it. He by far, has to deal with a host of personalities, that make the average guy say phuck it. I do not mean to ground Kristina’s issues by any means, but Adam does have to deal with her emotions… along with the rest of his family and immediate family.
But like I said, I’m on the fence about continuing to watch the show. Not like there is a bunch of other shows on at that time, but for the first time after it was over, I thought I wasted my time.

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