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Re: Person Of Interest (Season 2 - 2012)
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2013, 10:01:45 pm »
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What a great f*cking Season Finale! A lot of action to be had here. But what I was really getting off on was the humor they injected into the an otherwise intense and very serious episode. Probably my favorite moment was when a Bride and Groom are facing gunpoint by some derange lunatic and with the help of the Machine, Reese and Shaw pull up in their sport car right behind him and one bullet to the back and they are gone. It's a moment you have to see. It loses a lot in translation here. Very funny though. So, basically the entire episode is about everyone hunting down the location of the Machine and it's not the ending you'd expect.

One thing I thought was kind of odd is that after Root learns of Finch's deception in the whereabouts of the Machine and is subsequently shot, she becomes catatonic to the point of having to be institutionalize. But this also leads to the the cool cliffhanger at the very end when the Machine decides to call her.....and not Reese and Finch. Season 3 can't get here fast enough. I also liked that Carter had to literally save the life an enemy of hers. Elias. They left us hanging as to where the go at the end, so I can't wait to see what becomes of their "partnership" next season. And speaking of partners. Where the hell is Fusco? He was MIA in the last 2 episodes.
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