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Re: Person Of Interest (Season 4 - 2014)
« on: December 16, 2014, 11:23:05 pm »
Episode 10
The Cold War

Loved how they opened the episode. We all know that Finch's base of operations is underground, using a Subway car and platform as their HQ. What we haven't seen is exactly how anyone of the members gets there from above. Now we know. It was very reminiscent of Get Smart, intentional or not. I thought it was cool that the entrance was built into a Candy Vending machine. Overall. another superb episode that finally gave us a look into Greer with his back story from 1975 and how he was betrayed by his own country and boss and how he left MI6 to basically become what he is today because of the human race and it's inherent flaws, which of course parallels why he believes in Samaritan as much as he does. In present day, Samaritan is manipulating the city by creating chaos, all in the effort of getting a sit-down with the Machine. Yes, it sounds weird. How can two AI's have one? That's easy.....with Root sitting in for the Machine, using an earpiece and Samaritan doing the same. What was interesting was that it chose a 12 year old boy to do its talking. This is the one thing I found confusing. The boy seemed to be evil and was enjoying giving out threats to Root. Who the f*ck is this kid? This episode is the kick off to the Trilogy story-line. Part 2 doesn't air until January though which doesn't make sense since this arc should air in consecutive weeks.
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