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Person of Interest (Season 5 - 2016)
« on: June 25, 2016, 09:49:40 pm »
Person of Interest (Season 5)

I've been a fan of Person of Interest from the get go and immediately from episode 1, I always speculated how the series would wrap up and sure enough, the one thing I knew they would do would be to kill off The Machine, but have it somehow show signs of life in the last shot and that's what happened. But everything else was a complete mystery. Over the years my ideas of what would happen changed as the characters changed. Season 5 was nothing but money shots because the episode was cut down to 13 and that meant they had to ramp up a lot of the loose ends and because of that, it seemed to be more action packed than normal and that's saying a lot because it has always had good action set pieces.

I'm really glad they brought back Shaw because her absence for most of Season 4 kind of took some of the wind out of the sails. Not only did she come back, but she had a great arc for few episodes tracking her torture, brainwashing and escape from Greer. Everything in these episodes pretty much made Season 5 fantastic. Everything else was an added cherry on top. Her simulations, although predictable, was interesting to see play out. I think the biggest thing about this season were the last 4 episodes. Having them kill off Root (Amy Acker) was disappointing to say the least. But this in turn led to something great for the swan song. Up until that moment, the Machine never had a voice. When she passed, the Machine chose to use Root's voice out of respect and admiration which I thought was really cool. Even better, it kept Amy on the show. In the Series Finale. the episode was more about the Machine coming to grips with her destruction and what it was that she learned about humanity.

She the Machine was narrating most of the episode, and with Finch bleeding out, his deuterium made it so that the Machine manifested into Root and seeing her just whispering into the ear of Finch and then later Reese was very poetic. The way that everything wrapped up was good, although I didn't like that they killed off Reese, but it was pre-ordained and expected since he lost 2 women that he loved (Detective Carter being one of them) and losing Root as well. He couldn't have that happy ending. He was doomed from the start. At least Finch survived and had his happy ending reuniting with his long lost love. The final shot with Shaw receiving the phone call did make me smile. Overall, this series has delivered week in and week out. I'm going to miss the show and the characters and the actors that played them.

One last thing I gotta point out before I wrap this up. When they killed off Root and then brought Amy back in a different format, I had a mad flashback to Angel. They did the same thing there as well. She played the lovable Fred and when they killed her off there, she ended up playing another character called Illyria. I just wonder if they did this intentionally as a bit of fan service for Acker fans. I'm sure Amy mentioned if after the fact that she has already something very similar years ago. Hey, I'm all for keeping Amy on any show no matter how they do it. So, when all we were getting was just her voice, I was happy. But seeing her manifest back into the Root we all loved, I was beyond ecstatic.
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