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Re: Powers
« on: May 03, 2015, 07:51:06 pm »
I wonder how many of the traditional realize that the reason binging is so popular is because viewers are tried of shows switching time slots, being cancelled mid-run, being pre-empted, being coated with bugs and pop-ups and interrupted with commercials.  Binging isn't just that we get all our episodes at once, it's confidence, we know where the show will be.  And Netflix doesn't just green-light one season, they usually do TWO.  A normal network can't do that, they need advertisers, they need viewers, they can't work on that scale.

TV, especially network TV, shouldn't be fighting Netflix and Amazon on the streamers terms.  Why?  Because they can't win.  They need to focus their strategy on their strengths, what Netflix and Amazon CAN'T do: be quick, be immediate, be appointment-driven.  I'm not nuts about Dancing With The Stars, but that's a show that's much better live than it is watching all at once.  You're invested.

Streaming is great for sh*t you need to pay attention to, for art like Daredevil or House Of Cards.  TV is great for having stuff to watch.  The whole time I was doing the film fest, all I was watching was reality stuff like Counting Cars and American Restoration... because it was nice and simple, just watchable.  Sometimes you need that.

I visited my sister last night and she has this cable channel called Palladia.  It's all concerts.  All that was on was The Killers killing it at the Royal Albert Hall.  That's a genius idea for a channel.  When I was in Boston, Efe and I were watching MNet, just Korean music videos, concerts, soap operas, etc... that's what TV is going to be in the future, I think.  I don't know how Networks will react in the face of that kind of specialization, but I'm sure they'll think of something.


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