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Re: Revenge (Season 1)
« Reply #45 on: May 24, 2012, 07:39:12 am »

As a Revenge episode, this was good. But as a Season Finale it was pretty soft. I was expecting something along the lines of 45 minutes of non-stop epic showdowns that never really materialized. It wasn't until the last few minutes does anything meaningful really happen and that was only just to set up next seasons arc. I feel kind of cheated in that there was no resolution or something that I can hang my hat on after investing time for all of Season 1.

Think about it this way. The showdown between Emily and Gray-Hair man failed to deliever on any level. Other than a short fist fight......she lets him walk away. Yeah, I know, Emily isn't a killer and she let him live because her father wouldn't want her to go down that road. But still, this scene didn't do anything for me.

Also, the "showdown" between Emily and Victoria, what the entire season was built on....left me cheated as well. Victoria confronts Emily to gloat about her breakup with her son and the whole empty wedding gift she gave her. No retaliation on Emily's part. No "I'm Amanda Clarke, you  f u c k i n g   b i t c h "!. Nothing. To say I was disapointed is an understatement.

Onto the good stuff...namely the last 5 minutes.

Amanda returns to claim Jack with bun in the oven, which takes away Emily getting the chance to tell Jack who she is and what she really feels about him. I was expecting something along the lines of how it played out. But I for one am not convinced it's Jack's baby. It wouldn't shock me to find out that it's Satoshi Takeda, since he was the last person to see her before her sudden return.

The plane carrying Victoria and Lydia explodes in a fiery attempt to keep a lid on Conrad's secret. I actually expected this long before it happened when he offered the use of his plane to Lydia. Personally, I don't think Victoria is dead. The way she was looking at the plane just prior to getting on board tells me she knew what was coming which tells me that this was being used as a way to fake her death. Besides, killing her off before Emily and Victoria do have that epic confrontation that I talked about earlier would undermine the entire series. It is after all the sole objective for Emily and for the show itself existing. Also, I am aware that the White-Haired Man was seen leaving the plane. But I stand by my "she still is alive" theory.

The apparent overdose by Charlotte at the end is going to turn out to be nothing more than a cry for help when Season 2 starts up.

The last scene with Emily and Nolan provides the biggest bombshell for the show, but it wasn't a shock for me because I had thought about the "Where is Amanda's mother" angle near the start of the season. Even though she was "dead", I wasn't buying it. If they are not on screen....then everyone and anyone is alive in my book.

All in all, a good episode...just not a great one. Also, they never explained what the Smoke Monster was.......

I really enjoyed the entire season of Revenge. It's been a guilty pleasure all season long and one of the very rare "Must-See TV" shows for me this year where I HAD to watch it. I give it.......

Revenge (Season 1)
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