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Beginning of the End

The same way I felt about Arrow's Season Finale is the same way I feel about Beginning of the End. It was great, but not perfect. I was just expecting something 'BIGGER' with the showdown between what's left of SHIELD and Garrett. It kind of ended before it began and having Deathlok as the main reason why it ended so fast was kind of a cheat in a way. With his Son now protected, he had no allegiance to Garrett. If we couldn't get the ultimate fight between Coulson and Garrett, we at least got it with May kicking the ever loving sh*t out of Agent Ward. I guess he really is HYDRA as there was no 11th hour reveal that he was working as a double agent. Looks like Agent Antoine Triplett will be his permanent replacement from here on out.

Really dug the scene between Fitz and Simmons and him basically surrendering his life to protect her, finally having the courage to tell her how he has always felt about her. A noble jesture that she won't soon forget. He's still alive, but at what cost though? That won't be addressed until next season. This scene leads directly into the first of two very surprising moments. Simmons swims up to the surface of the Ocean to be rescued by.....NICK FURY (Sam Jackson)!! How cool was that. The first 'Key' player from the Marvel Films to drop in on the gang (all apologies to Cobie Smulders). The second surprise was seeing Patton Oswalt's character pop up at the end. So, Coulson now has the burden of rebuilding SHIELD as he takes over from Fury as he goes into hiding. Interesting teaser happens at the end when Flowers tells an unseen figure (dripping blood from his hands) that she has found his daughter Skye. Another thing to look forward to next season.

As for Garrett. He was killed off....twice. The first time they killed him and stuffed into a body bag, I knew he wasn't done for. So later, he somehow manages to pull himself into the 'Healing Chair' or whatever it was called and as the process began to create him into a more reconizable version of Deathlok, the viewer (myself included) is left to shout out "HELL YEAH!" at the possibilties of what could come later in Season 2 or the movies. Well, that was all dashed as Coulson fires a kill shot from the Particle Beam, exploding him into a million pieces. If you're gonna go out like that, best to go out in a blaze of glory. Bill Paxton will be missed. He was awesome in the role.
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