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Re: Star Wars: Rebels (Season 3 - 2016)
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2017, 08:23:16 am »
Episode 20
Twin Suns

WHAT THE F*CK!? One move! That's all it took for Obi-Wan Kenobi to kill Darth Maul! WHAT THE F*CK! I'm baffled at what just happened. When the mid-season trailer dropped earlier, I...along with everyone else on the planet that watched the trailer just assumed that the Grand Finale for Season 3 would be the showdown between Kenobi and Maul for obvious reason. Given the season finale last year with Darth Vader and Ahsoka, we needed a dual that could rival what we got there. So what better than a rematch from The Phantom Menace? Well, that didn't happen. At first I was mystified that both would come face to face before the Season Finale in the first place. There is still one last two-part episode to go. So, clearly everything will come down to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Getting back to Maul. I don't like that they killed him off. I like the character and wanted to see more. But if you HAVE to kill him off, at least given him a worthy death than a one-move-light-saber-slice. It just makes Maul look so feeble....especially against the old man. Okay, enough b*tching. On to the good stuff. For starters, whoever they got to do the voice of Kenobi NAILED IT! I could hear Alec Guinness. It gave me chills. But what really got the hair on my arms standing up was the final shot of the episode where we see Kenobi clearly traveling toward a very familiar location and then you hear it....."Luke.....Luke!" To hear the voice of Aunt Beru made me smile. They had to have lifted the dialogue direct from Star Wars: A New Hope. But was cool to see the same scene from the movie.....but from a different POV....that of Ben watching off in the distance. It just makes you think of A New Hope in a different way now than before and I love it.
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