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Re: Star Wars: Rebels (Season 4 - 2017)
« on: August 11, 2018, 10:07:36 am »
Season 4 / Series Finale
4 1/2 Stars out of 5

So, I just binged watched the second half of the Final Season and it was fantastic. Everything leading up to the Series Finale was on point. But it's the Season Finale I want to talk about. As far as Season Finale's go, this one doesn't come anywhere near the Epic Season 2 Finale with Darth Vader. There was just no way the writers and creators of Rebels were ever going to top that. But, that's not to say that the final episode of Rebels doesn't deliver. It has all the hallmark traits of a typical Star Wars swan song with his showdown against the Galactic Empire, right down to the celebratory cheers from the residence of a saved City at the conclusion of a Battle just won. It's unfortunate that it comes with a price with the loss of Kanan, which I saw coming a mile a way. The way the episode was structured and finally professing his love for Hera all but sealed his fate as he sacrifices himself for the rest of his crew, i.e.....his family. Also lost along the way is Gregor. But the biggest one was of course Ezra who sacrificed himself in his showdown with Thrawn.

Having him reject the Emperor by declining to save his own Parents in order to save his current family: Hera, Sabine, Zeb, etc...was a courageous choice to make. I just wished that he was around to savor his decision of doing so. I know he's not dead...but just lost....out there somewhere....just waiting to be found and rescued. This sets up the Epilogue at the end of the Finale, with Sabine narrating what happened after their war, the battle of Endor, the birth of Hera and Kanan's son (this still needs a valid explanation because it doesn't line up with Kanan professing his love for Hera, which implies that they never had sex prior. All I saw was just a kiss that symbolic of them finally admitting to their feelings for each other). Yeah, I get that they could have had sex plenty of times and just never admitted their "feelings" till the end. That's the only plausible explanation of writing themselves out of a continuity corner for the series). Still like that they have a child out there. The final moment of course is Sabine and Ahsoka head off to find Ezra. Yes, she is alive and well thanks the time-jumping, teleporting wonders a couple of episode back where Ezra managed to save her from her doomed fate at the hands of Vader in the Season 2 Finale. Yes, it's a lot to take in if you haven't been watching the series up till now.

Now for the bad. Killing off Kanan a few episodes back was the wrong way to go in my mind. For the remaining episodes, I was left with the feeling of him still being alive which altered my perception of each episode coming after. But since he was in fact long gone, I was disappointed that we never got a Kanan-Ghost as all Jedi's get. The other and possibly the biggest issue I have is the Epilogue. Revealing that Ezra is alive and that Sabine is off to find him, albeit cool, it's also frustrating to leave the series hanging on such a massive cliffhanger. So, where am I to do for the resolution of that? I don't want to have to hunt down comic books if that's the only way. I want the series to pickup where they left off. With that said, if you haven't given this series a are depriving yourself of a fun show and characters to watch.
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