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Re: Supergirl (Season 2 - 2016)
« on: June 21, 2018, 04:54:41 pm »
Season 3 Episode 23 Season Finale
Battles Lost and Won

Posting here instead of starting a new thread just to talk about one episode....the Season Finale. Overall, I thought Season 3 was good. Could have been better, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The main storyline running throughout the season was that of Reign, a foe equal to that of Supergirl, hellbent on teraforming Earth and creating a New Krypton. Reign played to perfection by Odette Annable, who I haven't seen in anything long term since the short-lived Breaking In, was a nice surprise. But it's the Finale that I want to talk about. The ending....WTF! Seriously don't know what is happening, but to me it seems that the writers are basically setting up an alternate and perhaps Evil Supergirl/Kara given the events earlier where she needed the help of the Black Rock to defeat Reign. It's a cliffhanger....just one that really wants to keep you guessing one way or another in what they plan to do moving forward. As for the whole of the Finale, it felt very rushed. I literlly thought I miss huge chunks of the story because of the big jumps from one scene to the next. Also, not sure I like that they split up the core group at the end. Mon El and Winn head off to the Future and J'onn retires from the DEO. It looked and felt like it was finite. But that could be the intended goal here. Split everyone up and have a major threat (Evil Supergirl) as the reason to bring them all back together. Yeah, I'm definitely coming back for Season 4.
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