Author Topic: Survivor: Cagayan - Beauty, Brains and Brawn (Season 28 - 2014)  (Read 238 times)

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So long....

...Sarah. Thank God. I couldn't stand her any longer. I was giddy that she not only got kicked off the Island, but that she got blindsided in epic fashion. This Tribal Council, even though it was pretty much easy to spot who was going, was still one of the wildest Tribal Councils ever. I wasn't expecting both Hidden Immunity Idols to be played. Just the way they bust them out when they needed to was fun. Am I a horrible person because I enjoyed the moment everyone started clapping when Sarah was voted out? Hey, I don't like her. Can't be helped that I was giddy. Her sense of entitlement really turned me off and the fact that she was playing the 'Swing Vote' up bigger than it really was just rubbed me the wrong way. Her indecisiveness reminded me of Christy Smith from Survivor: Amazon where she too was bragging about having the 'Swing Vote' and that SHE controlled the outcome of the game. NOT! Both Jefra and Morgan were rockin' the bikini bods tonight. More please!! Now that we are at the Merge, this season is going to really take off because there are cracks in both tribes.
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