Author Topic: Survivor: Cagayan - Beauty, Brains and Brawn (Season 28 - 2014)  (Read 236 times)

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So long...

...LJ. You're a victim of a blindside! And what a blindside. Tony played him good. I hate Tony. I can't stand him. But even I have to tip my hat to him and what he pulled off tonight. Think about it. A Tribe of 6 "strong" going up against a Tribe of 3. All you have to do is just pick the bottom 3 off and you are guaranteeing yourself getting further in the game and saving some of that stress that comes with having to play strategy. So, I think this little maneuver is bound to rattle the cages of the Tribe of 5 because there isn't going to be much trust left among them. FYI, I can't stand Kass. She is smug and thinks she has this game locked up. How can she really think that given that she is on the bottom of the 5 and since she flipped on the other Tribe, she's on the bottom there as well. I can definitely see her getting the boot next week.
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